Saturday, March 7, 2009


Cleaning up around here a little and thought I would download a bunch of pictures off my little elph I picked up back when I thought my Rebel was broken down and busted. So here is a photo tour:

ITC Christmas meeting and auction, I had to bring my kids. The ladies were gracious enough to say they enjoyed them...This is Bruno, the mini dachshund we got as a gift from my mother back when I was finishing up my bed rest. - Love him!! he is the sweetest thing ever.

Parents Day at dance x5
8" of snow! may sound like no big deal but when you live in the desert, it's a BIG DEAL! I could not go home, they closed both roads to my little town, spent the night at my dads - and went to work late the next day. :) - I was traumatized, after all...

I have a new and very expensive obsession... Which make me want to color and make cards - like this one.

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FeFe said...

Totally love this card!